List of DEC part numbers

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A series

Part Number Description
A123 Positive logic multiplexer
A131 unknown
A200 Op. amp.
A206 Op. amp.
A207 Op. amp.
A214 unknown
A215 unknown
A404 sampler???
A613 12 bit DAC converter
A615 unknown
A618 10 bit DAC converter
A619 10 bit DAC converter
A620 10 bit DAC converter
A621 10 bit DAC converter
A702 reference supply???
A704 reference supply???
A811 10 bit ADC converter
A990 amplifier
A992 amplifier

G series

Card Number Option Number Description
G104 MM8-E Core sense/inhibit 4 kword
G227 MM8-E Core x/y drivers, 4 kword
G619 MM8-E Core memory, 4 kword

M series

Card Number Option Number Description
M7164 KDA50 aka. QDA SDI controller, board 1 of 2
M7165 KDA50 aka. QDA SDI controller, board 2 of 2
M7608-BA MS630-BB 4M memory board, 144* 1*256k DIL
M7168 VCB02, QDSS QDSS 4 plane: 4 plane graphics board, 2 of them makes 8 planes
M7169 VCB02, QDSS controls 1-2 of 7168
M7454 TU80 magtape drive controller UNIBUS Pertec tape interface
M7516 DELQA Ethernet interface
M7505 DEQNA DEC Q-bus Ethernet Adapter
M7546 TQK50 TK50 tape adapter
M7555 RQDX3 MFM hard disk and floppy controller
M7559 TQK70 TMSCP controller for TK70
M7606 KA630 MicroVAX II CPU board
M7620 KA650 MicroVAX CPU board
M7621 MS650-AA 8MB MOS Memory board for KA650 (MicroVAX III)
M7622 MS650-BA 16MB MOS Memory board for KA650 (MicroVAX III)
M7625 KA655 MicroVAX 3800/3900 CPU board
M7651 DRV11-WA 18/22-bit DMA general purpose parallel interface
M9047 Grant Continuity card
M8639 RQDX1/RQDX2 MFM hard disk and floppy controller

R series

Part Number Description
R001 Diode network
R002 Diode network
R107 Inverter
R111 Expandable NAND/NOR gate
R113 NAND/NOR gate
R121 NAND/NOR gate
R122 NAND/NOR gate
R123 Input bus
R131 Exclusive OR
R141 AND/NOR gate
R151 Binary to octal decoder
R181 DC carry chain
R200 Flipflop
R201 Flipflop
R202 Dual flipflop
R203 Triple flipflop
R204 Quadruple flipflop
R205 Dual flipflop
R302 Dual delay multivibrator
R303 Integrating one shot
R401 Variable clock
R405 Crystal clock
R601 Pulse amplifier
R602 Pulse amplifier
R603 Pulse amplifier
R650 Bus driver

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