VCB03 Video Controller

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The VCB03 Video Controller is an M-bus double-buffered 8/24 plane color bit-mapped display subsystem for the VAXstation 3520/3540.

Its memory is 2048 bits wide by 2048 bits wide, with either 8 or 24 planes in the frame buffer. It also has several custom chips for high-performance video functions, and several onboard accelerators. It supports 1280 by 1024 resolution at 66 Hz display refresh rate, 3D hardware acceleration and (when fully configured) 24-bit true color. it also supports a keyboard, and also a mouse or tablet.

It consists of a graphics base module (L2004) and a graphics output module (L2005), and an optional graphics expansion module (L2006). Without the expansion module, it has only 8 planes (bits) per pixel; with it and its additional 16 planes added, it has 24 planes, providing full true color output.

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