MS750 Memory System

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/750 backplane from behind, showing the slots occupied by the MS750 in the centre

The MS750 Memory System is the main memory for the VAX-11/750; it consists of:

  • one Memory Controller module (MCM)
  • one to eight memory array modules

The Memory Controller Module connects to the /750's CPU/Memory Interconnect bus, and also to an internal memory bus - which does not seem to have a formal name - which runs to the memory array modules' slots.

The Memory Controller Module (either L0011, L0016, or L0022) resides in a custom slot in the main backplane; slot 10. The memory array modules have their own slots in a dedicated section of the backplane, 8 slots in total. (The physical backplane itself, DEC part number 50-13821/70-16486, is shared with the CPU).

VAX-11/750 Memory Controllers

256KB module

There were three different Memory Controller Modules for the MS750:

  • L0011 - up to eight M8728 256KB memory array modules = 2MB max.
  • L0016 - up to eight M8750 1MB memory array modules = 8MB max.
  • L0022 - up to two M7199 4MB memory array modules and six M8750 1MB memory array modules = 14MB max.

(14MB of Memory is the architectural limit of the VAX-11/750)

1MB module

The earlier array modules are also used with the MK11 memory system of the PDP-11/70.

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