4.1 BSD

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4.1 BSD
Logging into a 4.1 BSD system
Type: Multitasking, multiuser
Creator: CSRG
Architecture: VAX, theoretically portable
Current Version: 4.1 (1981)
Date Released: 1981

This version addressed many of the performance shortcomings in 4.0 BSD that were brought up in a VMS vs BSD paper. Many of the changes are outlined in Bug fixes and changes in 4.1bsd.

Other features included:

  • job control
  • automatic kernel config
  • vfork()

4.1 was largely a debug version with several interm releases. There is a known 4.1, 4.1a and 4.1c release, and possibly others.

Getting this to run


A tape image for 4.1 has surfaced on bitsavers, named 4.1_BSD_19810710.zip The bootblock programs do not run under SIMH using the 4.0 BSD strategy, however it is possible to swap tapes when restoring the root slice, and then restoring the tars.

My simplified notes are:

mkfs /dev/hp0g 145673
cd /dev
MAKE ht0
mount /dev/hp0g /usr
cd /usr
mt rew
mt fsf
mt fsf
tar -xvf /dev/rmt0

dd if=/usr/mdec/uboot of=/dev/rhp0a bs=1b count=1

cp /etc/fstab.rp06 /etc/fstab

with a bootlog of:

VAX 11/780 simulator V4.0-0 Beta        git commit id: b8049645

: hp(0,0)vmunix
123060+27528+24628 start 0xF5C
Berkeley VAX/UNIX Version 4.9  Wed Feb 17 15:27:46 PST 1982
real mem  = 8322048
avail mem = 7738368
mcr0 at tr1
mcr1 at tr2
uba0 at tr3
dz0 at uba0 csr 160100 vec 300, ipl 15
mba0 at tr8
hp0 at mba0 drive 0
hp1 at mba0 drive 1
hp2 at mba0 drive 2
hp3 at mba0 drive 3
mba1 at tr9
ht0 at mba1 drive 0
tu0 at ht0 slave 0
tu1 at ht0 slave 1
root on hp0
WARNING: clock lost 153 days -- CHECK AND RESET THE DATE!
WARNING: should run interleaved swap with >= 2Mb
Automatic reboot in progress...
Sun Feb  1 18:35:49 GMT 1976
/dev/hp0a: 676 files 4278 blocks 3345 free
/dev/rhp0g: 6042 files 33710 blocks 107868 free
Sun Feb  1 18:35:49 GMT 1976
Mounted /usr on /dev/hp0g
preserving editor files
clearing /tmp
starting daemons: update cron accounting network mail printer.
Sun Feb  1 18:35:49 GMT 1976

Berkeley 4.1 VAX/UNIX (Amnesia-Vax)



This version includes the Bill Joy TCP/IP implementation.


These are what is available on the 1981 tape:

aardvark    banner      ching       lib         snake
adventure   bcd         cribbage    mille       snscore
advfiles    bogdict     fish        monop       trek
arithmetic  boggle      fortune     number      wump
backgammon  chess       hangman     quiz        zork


Bug fixes and changes in 4.1 BSD