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Logging into an A/UX system
Type: Multitasking, multiuser
Creator: Apple/UniSoft
Architecture: Macintosh
Current Version: 3.11
Date Released: 1988

After Steve Jobs left Apple, they scrambled to put together a system that could compete with NeXT. Hearing that NeXT was going to enter the unix workstation market, Apple commissioned UniSoft to help port SYSVr2 to it's Macintosh II lineup.

How do I get this to run?!

You will need an actual Macintosh that is supported. The best machines are Quadra's. Note, not all Quadra's will run A/UX.

What Runs?

Some early GNU stuff will compile, however keep in mind that during the lifespan of A/UX GNU started up the Apple protest over the 'look and feel' lawsuit.