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Logging into a 32v system
Type: Multitasking, multiuser
Creator: Bell Labs / AT&T / Western Electric
Architecture: VAX, theoretically portable
This Version: 1.0 (1979)
Date Released: 1979

32V is the first 32-bit version of UNIX created by Bell Labs. 32V is basically a 32bit version of Seventh Edition Unix ported to the VAX. While not the first 32bit version of Unix (the Interdata one was), it was the most influential. 32V could only run on the VAX-11/780 as it was the only VAX in existence at that time.

It's also worth noting that the Computer Systems Research Group‎ used 32V as the basis for their work on 32 bit BSD Unix, starting with BSD 3.0 which was a 32V kernel with demand paged virtual memory, and the BSD 2.x utilities, rolled into one. Neither 32V nor BSD 3.0 include TCP/IP. Additionally, AT&T used 32V as the basis for SYSIII work on both the PDP-11 & VAX. This makes 32V the 'common ancestor' of both SYSV & 4BSD. Also be sure to check out the installation instructions Setting Up Version 1.0 of UNIX/32V Operating System.

The AT&T vs BSDi/CSRG Lawsuit

Because 32V is the basis for BSD 3.0 it was also the source of contention of the lawsuit. The whole issue has been made moot since Caldera bought the rights to UNIX, and released 32V as free software.

(AT&T is American Telephone and Telegraph, a U.S. Corporation; BSDi is Berkeley Software Design Inc; CSRG is the University of California's Computer Systems Research Group.)

Manual Pages

Right now I've just inputted section 1 and they all need formatting to make them more wiki friendly. Eventually I'll have a 32/v man page .. page with each section with the normal spelling of the commands.

For now you can see all the section 1 commands, as I've tried to reflect in their name the release, section & command name.

For example ls would be found as 32v_1m_ls.

How do I get this to run?!

Right now, you have a variety of options to run 32V on your computer:

First you can follow our guide aptly name Installing 32V on SIMH. This guide was derived from http://zazie.tom-yam.or.jp/starunix/, And you could follow it as well.
Be sure you have the VAX-11/780 emulator from SIMH 3.8-0 or higher, if you are going to follow either of the prior links.
The last, and easier solution is available here. This is a pre-configured ready to run windows package with 32V.

Pictures of the tapes!

Close up of the labelpicture of the tape

What Runs?

Not very much.... 32V does not provide any modern networking, and the C compiler is far from ANSI. I've also had issues with the FORTRAN compiler as its hash table size is too small to compile Zork, and it is different regarding CLOSE and some other nonsense...


Yes, it wouldnt be fun without games.


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