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MINITS was a PDP-11 multi-tasking operating system created at MIT, primarily for use in data network hosts. It was mostly used in the MIT network for 'bridges' (routers, to use the contemporary nomenclature) and terminal concentrators. It was also used to drive graphics terminals, and provide Chaosnet front ends to KL10 processors.

Its design is vaguely reminiscent of ITS. It provided:

  • creation and termination of processes
  • a fairly sophisticated main memory allocation system (freed adjoining blocks were automatically combined)


The MINITS source calls lots of things 'NCPs', but these have nothing to do with the 'real' NCP. In fact, MINITS doesn't support any IMP interfaces. The use of 'NCP' was just a terminological affliction among the CHAOS people, to whom 'NCP' apparently meant 'protocol implementation' or 'network code'.

Networking protocols supported:


Devices supported:

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