Unix interoperability with PDP-10

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A list of software packages to provide interoperability between Unix and PDP-10 systems.


  • back10 - Tool for TOPS-10 BACKUP tape archives.
  • backwr - Write TOPS-10 BACKUP tape archives. (Need to find link.)
  • read20 - Tool for TOPS-20 DUMPER tape archives. (Need to find link.)
  • ITStar - Tool for ITS DUMP tape archives.
  • dart - Works with SAIL DART tape archives.
  • tapex - View TAPEX tape archives.
  • itsarc - Tool for ITS archive files.
  • magdmp, magfrm - Tool for ITS MAGDMP tapes.
  • macdmp - View or extract DECtape MACDMP files.
  • dskdmp - Tool for ITS disk images.



  • dis10 - Disassembler for ITS programs.