DEC bootstrap device codes

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DEC bootstrap ROMs for the PDP-11s, from the M9301 ROM on, allowed use of a symbolic device name to specify a device to boot from, when using the console emulator function.

These codes included (not all were supported by all ROMs):

Code Controller Device Description
CR CR11 CR11 Card Reader Punched cards
CT TA11 TU60 Casette magnetic tape
DB RH11/RH70 RP04/RP05/RP06
Removable cartridge disk
DD DL11 TU58 DECtape II
DK RK11 RK02/03/RK05 Removable cartridge disk
DL RL11 RL01/RL02 Removable cartridge disk
DM RK611 RK06/RK07 Removable cartridge disk
DP RP11 RP02/RP03 Removable cartridge disk
DS RH11/RH70 RS03/04 Fixed-head disk
DT TC11 TU55/TU56 DECtape
DU Various RD51/RD52/RD53/RD54,RX50/RC25
Fixed disk
DX RX11 RX01 Low-density floppy drive
DY RX211 RX02 High-density floppy drive
MM TM02 TU16/TE16 Magnetic tape
MS TS11/TU80K TS04/TU80 Magnetic tape
MT TM11 TU10/TS03 Magnetic tape
MU Various TU81/TK50 Magnetic tape
PR PC11 PC05 High-speed paper tape
TT DL11 Various Serial line, low-speed paper tape, etc