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The KD11-E CPU was the first CPU version for the PDP-11/34; it consisted of two hex printed circuit boards, the M7265 Data Paths module and the M7266 Control module. They plugged into a modified MUD backplane which was customized for the KD11-E, the DD11-P backplane.

Although it supported the KY11-LB Programmer's Console, including the maintainence functionality which allow the CPU's microcode to be single-stepped, it did not support the FP11-A floating point unit or the KK11-A cache; a PDP-11/34 system needed the upgraded KD11-EA CPU for that.

KY11-LB Interface

The microcode diagnostic interface to the KY11-LB is carried over two 10-wire flat cables connected to Berg connector headers (denominated J1 and J2) on the M7266 module. (The main functionality of the KY11-B is done over the UNIBUS, and a pair of backplane lines.)

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