CM 1700

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CM 1700

The CM 1700 was a Soviet clone of the VAX-11/730 or the 750. I think they ran VMS on these, and most certainly a 32bit version of DEMOS.

A Whetstone benchmark places this machine in the same scope as the 730.


And this is a 32-bit architecture (SM-1420 was a 16-bit), an analog VAX-11/730 "Nebula". This is the weakest implementation, besides quite poor thing on the periphery, there were some IMF HDDs 5 "whether through 5, or 10 meg, they worked very unstable. Ran there VAX / VMS, remember the reel with 32-bit Yunksom, but do not remember if it worked. It turns out that such complexes were released only 3000 pieces from 1987 to 1990 ( a description of the series ). the right of the photo is visible already familiar processor CM-1420 is from Poland 1420 and the old SM-4 did a complex, stand, in which the processor is installed - the old, it is more convenient than the new.

Model of the family of 32-bit computing systems CM 1700 had software compatibility with the family of VAX-11 firm Digital Equipment and a one-way compatibility with 16-bit models of the family of CM3, CM 4, SM 1420, SM1425. Architecture CM 1700 supports the organization of virtual memory that is being undertaken by the controller memory management.

The instruction set included operations on bit fields of variable length, in bytes, a 32 - bit words and double words. Some teams have been designed to work with integers of length 64 and 128 bits. For floating-point numbers were provided five data formats with which provide different accuracy of calculations.

Arithmetic and logical processor, the processor floating-point controller for memory, disk controller and multifunctional communication controller for controlling I / O devices through a system interface ORs were Firmware.

As a system interface in a model CM 1700 was used interface OR, providing compatibility with hardware family of CM 3/SM 4, and the model CM 1702 - Interface MPI, also adopted by the SM computer as a standard.

Developed system provides 15 interrupt levels of software-generated interrupt that greatly simplify the interaction and synchronization of processes and procedures in the OS.

As part of the family CM 1700 for use in CAD ​​was envisaged complex simulation of digital circuits. Peripheral subkompleks running the central nucleus of SM 1700, had a parallel multiprocessor with a distributed organization of the processors program memory and data memory, and consisted of a set of specialized processors valve (PVM SM) and functional (PFM SM) model. With the help of this complex in the VLSI CAD was possible to solve the problem: verification schemes, debugging firmware, and prepare data for ROM, PLA, validation and completeness of the LSI and VLSI testing, synthesis, testing, constructing diagnostic vocabularies.

As part of the software CM 1700 were provided:

Operating System MOC VP, virtual memory; software tools that support interoperability with ISO EP RTOS family 3/SM SM 4; network management software for local and geographically distributed computer networks; software for computer graphics that meet international standards for 2D-and 3D-graphics; software packages for different purposes. Developed 14 standard designs VC SM 1700, of which manufacturer produced seven performances, with the following problem orientation: CM 1700.02, 1700.03 CM, CM 1700.11 - complexes of general purpose CM 1700.08, 1700.14 CM - complexes for the construction of AWP; CM 1700.10 - complexes for industrially manufactured ARM 1700-M 1700-MR ARM, ARM 1700-C-01, ARM 1700-C-02, CM 1700.13 - complex databases.

Technical data Word length of data path, bit 32 Productivity million equivalent short commands / s 2 Performance for scientific and technical problems, millions of operations per second 0,2 Data format

 number of fixed-point bits

8, 16, 32, 64, 128

 floating point numbers, bit

32, 64, 64, 128 including

 exponent, the bit

8, 8, 11, 15

 mantissa, bits

24, 56, 53, 113

 packed decimal number of bytes


 character strings, KB


 bit fields, bit


 numeric string bytes

0-31 The number of machine instructions 306 Processor cycle time, ns 270 Cycle time processor floating point ns 180 Memory capacity, MB 2-5 The cycle time of memory, ns 810 Virtual address field, GB 4 Performance of the system interface OR, MB / s 1,5 Optional Interfaces IRPR, IRPS, C2, synchronous communication line Number of levels of interrupt

 software generated



16 Capacity of external memory, MB

 in MND (depending on version)

28 and over

 on tape drive

40 Powered by a single-phase AC:


220 (ranging from +22 to -33)

 Frequency, Hz

50 ± MTBF, h 3200-1100 Mean time to failure, h 110-320 The average life span, years 10 Normal operating conditions

 ambient air temperature, ° C

20 ± 5

 Relative humidity,%

60 ± 15

 atmospheric pressure, kPa


 dust in the air, mg / m 3 , not more

0,75 Limiting conditions of operation

 ambient air temperature, ° C


 relative humidity at 30 ° C,%


 atmospheric pressure, kPa

84-107 For the organization of the data center based on the VC SM 1700, you must have room area of ​​12 -46 m 2 Depending on the version. Sex in the engine room must be smooth and have good and antistatic properties. The room should not be a vapor corrosive impurities that cause corrosion.

Development of the family CM 1700 was led by NL Prokhorov, General Designer of SM computers with 1984.

Model CM 1700 was designed INEUM (VI Frolov, Vladimir Rodionov), together with the Lithuanian Association "Sigma" (AB Chuplinskas , AI Drasutis , SI Sidaras , B. Belyauskas ) mastered its mass production and released in 1987-1990. 3 thousand pieces.