VAXstation 3200/3500

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VAXstation 3200/3500
Announcement date: 10 January 1989
Codename: Mayfair/GP
Enclosure(s): BA23 (3200)
BA213 (3500)
CPU Details
CPU name (VMS): KA650
CPU technology: CMOS
Cache: 1KB (on chip), 64KB (external secondary)
Q-bus: Q22
VUPs: 2.8

The VAXstation 3200 and 3500 are members of the second generation of VAX VAXstation workstations; they differ only in their enclosure, the size of their backplanes (and thus in the number of slots available), and in the peripherals that come pre-packaged in them.

Both are built around a QBUS, used only for the I/O bus; they use a special bus carried on over the back connectors as well as the CD interconnect for their main memory bus. (The address space of the QBUS was limited to 4MB, and the data section is only 16 bits wide.)

Both the 3200 and the 3500 use the KA650-B CPU. Commonalities and differences of both types of workstations are listed in the following table:

Component VAXstation 3200 VAXstation 3500
Enclosure BA23 (8 QBUS Slots) BA213 (12 QBUS Slots)
Memory MS650 (8 MB) MS650 (16 MB)
Video Controller VCB02 Mono / Color
Disk Controller RQDX3 KDA50
Disk RD54 RA70
Tape Controller TQK50 TQK70
Tape TK50 TK70
Network Adapter DELQA

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