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The series of InfoServer VAX computers has four members:

  • Infoserver 100
  • Infoserver 150
  • Infoserver 150VXT
  • Infoserver 1000


An InfoServer is an Ethernet-based, high-performance, virtual disk server. It can serve physical disk media and sets of logical disk blocks to the network. Host systems running the appropriate client software can connect to virtual disks served by the InfoServer and use them as though they were locally attached devices.

The InfoServer is a virtual disk server. Unlike a file server, the InfoServer does not impose a file system on the virtual disks that it serves. This means the InfoServer can serve a disk with any type of on-disk file structure. The host client system interprets the on-disk structure itself, allowing each host system to use its own native file system. Multiple on-disk structures can be served and accessed on a single InfoServer at the same time.

An Infoserver is comparable to what today is a SAN server.

There's a rumor that you can convert a MicroVAX 3100 (or even a VAXstation 3100) into an InfoServer by replacing the system ROMs with those of an InfoServer. You need two 27C1024 ICs, the ROM images, and a ROM programmer device. I can supply the ROM images for the InfoServer 150.

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