VAXstation 3100 series

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VAXstation 3100
CPU Details
CPU technology: CMOS
Minimum memory: 4MB (hardware limit; minimum configuration contains 8 MB)
Maximum memory: 32MB
LAN support: Standard

The VAXstation 3100 was an improved (approximately three-four times faster than its predecessors) VAXstation intended for demanding graphics applications. It was created by adding a bit-mapped display to a MicroVAX 3100.

It used the second generation of VAX CMOS chip-set technology, the same as in the MicroVAX 3500/3600 and VAXstation 3200/3500.

There were three basic models in the VAXstation 3100 range, in two generations:

Depending on the configuration, it could be a disk-less network node, a stand-alone work-station, or also as a server for up to seven other VAXstations. An optional MS-DOS 'software coprocessor' allows it to run un-modified PC applications at full speed.

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