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VAX 8650
Announcement date: 4 December 1985
Codename: Morningstar
OS support (VMS): V4.3
CPU Details
CPU module: KA865
Number of processors: 1
CPU technology: ECL Gate Array
CPU cycle time: 55ns
CPU clock: 18.18MHz
Instruction-buffer: 8 bytes [1]
Translation-buffer: 512 entries [1]
Writable Control Store: 8K 86-bit words [1]
Cache: 16KB [1]
Compatibility mode: Yes
Console processor: T-11 [1]
Console device: RL02 [1]
Minimum memory: 16MB [1]
Maximum memory: 368MB
Memory checking: 7-bit ECC/longword [1]
Max I/O throughput: 26MB/s
SBI: 1-2 [1]
MASSBUS: 4 @ 2.0MB/s [1]
UNIBUS: 7 @ 1.5MB/s
LAN support: optional
VUPs: 6

The VAX 8650 was an improved version of DEC's second-generation VAX, the VAX 8600. An 8600 could be field-upgraded to an 8650.

From Wikipedia

The VAX 8650, code-named "Morningstar", was a faster version of the VAX 8600 introduced on 4 December 1985. It was originally to be named "VAX-11/795", but was renamed before launch. The VAX 8600 was the last VAX to be 100% compatible with the VAX-11/780 and VAX-11/785, to have the PDP-11 compatibility mode, and to use the SBI also used by the VAX-11/78x. The CPU had a 55 ns cycle time (18.18 MHz).

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