MicroVAX 3500/3600

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MicroVAX 3500/3600
MicrVAX 3600.jpg
A MicroVAX 3600
Announcement date: 9 September 1987
Codename: Mayfair
OS support (VMS): V4.7A or later
OS support (ULTRIX): ULTRIX V2.2
CPU Details
CPU name (VMS): KA650
CPU name (console): KA650-A
CPU module: KA650
Module: M7620
Number of processors: 1
SID: 0A000005
XSID: 01530101
CPU chip: 78034 (CVAX) [2]
FPU chip: 78132
CPU technology: CMOS
CPU cycle time: 90ns [2]
Instruction-buffer: 12 bytes [2]
Translation-buffer: 28 entries [2]
Cache: 1KB (90ns) [2]
Backup cache: 64KB (180ns) [2]
Compatibility mode: No
Console processor: CPU
Console device: None
Firmware version: V5.3
Minimum memory: 2MB
Maximum memory: 64MB
Q-bus: 1 @ 3.3MB/s
LAN support: optional
VUPs: 2.7 [4]

The MicroVAX 3500 and MicroVAX 3600 are variants of the VAXserver 3500/3600. The MicroVAX 3500 and 3600 are very similar. The difference between the 3500 and 3600 is the placement of the systems: the 3500 uses the BA213 enclosure, whereas the 3600 uses the bare BA213 chassis housed in the H9644 cabinet with a similar, but modified door. Both models have the same a 12-slot backplane.

They used the KA650 CPU; main memory used the KA650 Main Memory System, using a special bus carried on over the back connectors as well as the CD interconnect of the QBUS backplane. The QBUS was used only for I/O.

Documentation error

The MicroVAX 3600 VAXserver 3600/3602 Technical Information manual says that both the 3500 and 3600 used the BA213 enclosure. (The MicroVAX 3600 VAXserver 3600/3602 Operation manual says that the 3600 is in the H9644 cabinet.)


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