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Announcement date: October 1983
Codename: Low Cost Nebula
OS support (VMS): VMS V3.5 to VMS V5.1
CPU Details
CPU module: KA730
Number of processors: 1
CPU technology: Bipolar Schottky
CPU cycle time: 270ns [1]
Instruction-buffer: 4 bytes [1]
Translation-buffer: 128 entries [1]
Writable Control Store: 16K 24-bit words [1]
Compatibility mode: Yes [1]
Console processor: 8085A [1]
Console device: TU58
Minimum memory: 1MB
Maximum memory: 3MB
Physical address lines: 24 [1]
Memory checking: 7-bit ECC/longword [1]
Memory cycle: 810ns [1]
UNIBUS: 1 @ 1.5MB/s [1]
LAN support: optional
VUPs: 0.3

The VAX-11/725 is a VAX-11/730 in a smaller enclosure; like the -11/730, it uses a UNIBUS for its I/O bus.


[1] VAX Hardware Handbook Volume 1 - 1986.
[2] Systems & Options Catalog. European Edition. Spring 1990.

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