MicroVAX 3100 series

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A MicroVAX 3100-80

The MicroVAX 3100 series was a line of entry-level desktop VAX minicomputer systems, all using a microprocessor VAX on a motherboard. (Several different VAX microprocessor implementations were used, over the life of the series.) Although they all had some I/O peripheral upgrades available, the list is limited; the 3100 was not built around a standard bus.

The CPU used was the KA41 CPU, KA45 CPU, KA47 CPU, KA50 CPU, KA51 CPU, KA55 CPU, KA56 CPU or KA59 CPU, depending on the model. Additional main memory was carried on daughter-boards in initial models; later SIMMs were used.

All models of the series supported SCSI for mass storage, as well as Ethernet and several asynchronous serial lines. Additional main memory, asynchronous serial lines, and synchronous serial lines, were available as options.

A desktop mounting box was used across most of the 3100 line; the Models 88 and 98 used mini-tower packaging. All models could run either VMS or ULTRIX-32.

The models in the series were:

The Model 10 and Model 20 were very similar; the latter had a slightly larger mounting box.

The 3100's shared their motherboard and mounting box with the VAXserver 3100 series and VAXstation 3100 series.

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