VAX 10000 series

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The VAX 10000 series were internally essentially the same machines as the VAX 7000 series, just with different packaging (number of cabinets) and configurations (including an uninterruptible power supply); simply a larger configuration. They were thus high-end VAX systems, the last VAX systems produced.

Only one model was produced, the Model 6x0, with "x" ranging from 1 to 4, depending on the number of CPUs in the system.

They shared much of their cabinetry and components with the Alpha-based 10000 AXP series systems as well as the VAX 7000 series. The intention was that customers could purchase the VAX systems they were used to, but then perform a relatively simple in-cabinet upgrade, replacing the VAX KA7A CPU modules with Alpha CPU ones, as they became comfortable with Alpha-based systems.

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