VAX 8300

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VAX 8300
Announcement date: 29 January 1986
Codename: Scorpio
OS support (VMS): V4.4
CPU Details
CPU name (VMS): KA820
CPU module: KA820
Module: T1001-00
Number of processors: 2
CPU chip: V11 [2]
CPU technology: ZMOS [1]
CPU cycle time: 200ns
CPU clock: 5MHz [2]
Instruction-buffer: 8 bytes
Control store: 15K 40-bit words [3]
Writable Control Store: 1K 40-bit words [3]
Cache: 8KB [3]
Compatibility mode: No
Console processor: CPU
Console device: RX50
Maximum memory: 128MB [1]
Memory checking: 7-bit ECC/longword [3]
Max I/O throughput: 13.3MB/s [3]
VAXBI: 1 @ 13.3MB/s
LAN support: optional
VUPs: 1.9 [1]

The VAX 8200 is a mid-range VAX dual-CPU multi-processor system built around the VAXBI bus, using the KA820 CPU; it can support an optional UNIBUS adapter.

See also


[1] VAX Systems Hardware Handbook -- VAXBI Systems. EB-31692-46
[2] KA825 Maintenance Advisory. EK-KA825-MA-001
[3] VAX Hardware Handbook. Volume 2-1986.

Further reading

  • VAX 8200 Owner's Manual (AZ-GN4AA-TE) - not online
  • VAX 8200 I Installation Guide (AZ-GN5AA-TE) - ditto
  • VAX 8200 Minireference Manual (AZ-GN6AA-TE) - ditto
  • VAX 8200 Field Maintenance Print Set (MP01786-01)

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