VAX 8700

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VAX 8700 systems

VAX 8700
Announcement date: August 1986
Codename: Nautilus
OS support (VMS): VMS V4.4
CPU Details
CPU module: KA88
Number of processors: 1
CPU technology: ECL Gate Array [1]
CPU cycle time: 45ns
Instruction-buffer: 16 bytes
Translation-buffer: 1024 entries
Writable Control Store: 15K 143-bit words
User Writable Control Store: 1K 143-bit words
Cache: 64kb
Console processor: PRO380
Minimum memory: 32MB
Maximum memory: 512MB
Memory checking: 7-bit ECC/longword
Max I/O throughput: Over 30MB/s [1]
UNIBUS: 2 @ 1.5MB/s
VAXBI: 4 @ 13.3MB/s
LAN support: optional
VUPs: 6

The VAX 8700 is a single-CPU version of the VAX 8800.

When the second generation of VAX 88xx computers came out in 1987, the VAX 8700 was renamed to VAX 8810N (N for Nautilus)


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