VAXstation 2000

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VAXstation 2000
Codename: VAXstar
OS support (VMS): V4.5B
CPU Details
CPU name (VMS): KA410
CPU name (console): KA410-B
CPU module: KA410
Number of processors: 1
CPU chip: DC333
FPU chip: DC337 [2]
CPU technology: ZMOS
CPU cycle time: 200ns [2]
CPU clock: 40MHz [2]
Instruction-buffer: 8 bytes [3]
Cache: None
Minimum memory: 2MB [2]
Maximum memory: 16MB [2]
Physical address lines: 30 [2]
Memory checking: Byte parity [2]
On-board memory: 2MB [2]
Max I/O throughput: 3.3MB/s
LAN support: Included: DESVA VAXstation 2000 / MicroVAX 2000 ThinWire Ethernet Option [2]
VUPs: 0.9 [2]
Graphics Option: {VS40X-MA (4-plane GPX)} {VS40X-PA (8-plane GPX)}

The VAXstation 2000 is a MicroVAX 2000 with an added bit-mapped display to turn it into a workstation.


  • VR150 15" Monochrome Monitor 1024x864 60Hz
  • VR160 15" Color Monitor 1024x864 60Hz
  • VR260 19" Monochrome Monitor 1024x864 60Hz
  • VR290 19" Color Monitor 1024x864 60Hz


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[3] MicroVAX Systems Handbook 1988. EB-30991-41

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