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4.4 BSD
Type: Multitasking, multiuser
Creator: CSRG, University of California, Berkeley
Architecture: VAX, Power 6/32, portable
Date Released: June, 1994

4.4BSD was effectively a re-release of the so-called 'Networking Release 2' system (which followed 4.3 BSD Reno). Due to fallout from the USL suit against BSDI, to which CSRG was eventually added, there were effectively two simultaneous versions of 4.4: "4.4BSD-Encumbered", which included absolutely everything, but required a USL source code license; and 4.4BSD Lite, which was available under the permissive Berkeley license, but was missing a few files.

4.4BSD Lite was followed by 4.4BSD Lite Release 2, with a final round of bug fixes, which was the last CSRG version.

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