UNIX System V

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Unix SYS V marked the last version of UNIX to be held by AT&T, before it was spun out on its own, then purchased by Novell, then later sold to SCO. However the ownership is in flux, as it would seem that Novell retained ownership of the code and trademark, and only sold the platform UnixWare to SCO.

SYSV underwent several major revisions, then it largely languished....

With SYSVr4 being the most prominent SYSV version out there. SYSVr4 incorporated SunOS a 4.3 BSD Unix's socket interface, and NFS into SYSV and was then rebranded as Solaris.

AT&T also sold a SYSVr4 based product which ran on AT&T branded hardware, which typically was little more than multi-processor x86 computers. The largest one I've used was for an AT&T call centre with 32 processors and 1GB of RAM serving X11 sessions to users which then ran x3270 sessions to an AT&T mainframe. Later AT&T moved to NCR multiproc boxes.