UNIX Fifth Edition

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Unix V5
Logging into a v5 unix system
Type: Multitasking, multiuser
Creator: AT&T/Western Electric
Architecture: PDP-11
Previous Version: V4
This Version: V5
Next Version: V6
Date Released: June, 1974

This was the first research version to leave Bell Labs to the world outside AT&T. Other than adding support for the PDP-11/40, the kernel does not appear to have many major functional changes from UNIX Fourth Edition (other than minor internal tweaks, e.g. limiting the number of processes that can be in an 'exec()' system call at any time).


The only known platform for Unix v5 was the PDP-11, with support for both the PDP-11/40 and PDP-11/45.

How do I get this to run?!

Well you'll need a disk image, and an emulator or a PDP-11... I'd recommend SIMH and you can get v5 by looking for v5root.gz .. There is also the guide Running Unix v5 in SIMH.


While limited, there is a few games on the v5 distro:


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