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Logging into an AIX system
Type: Multitasking, multiuser UNIX
Creator: IBM
Architecture: IBM 386, RS/6000, System/370
Current Version: 7.1 for RS/6000, PPC, up to POWER8
Year Introduced: 1987

I just remember that IBM had someone do a port of SYSV to the PS/2, then it was later ported to the new POWER based RS/6000 platform, and even to the 370 mainframe.

Version 1.x

This was focused on the PS/2 family of computers with an i386 or greater CPU. There was also boot disks and drivers to enable any IBM 386 compatible to boot AIX as well. This version is not exactly stable..

Version 2.x

I think this was for the ROMP processor in the IBM RT machine. It was the predecessor to the RS/6000.

Version 3.x

Starting with version 3.x, AIX was built for the POWER CPU, and namely the RS/6000 line of computers.

Version 4.x

Version 4.x introduced CPU support for the PowerPC family of processors, and included minor CHIRP/PReP compatibility, and at least one Apple server that ran AIX.

Version 5L

As it remains now, it's a SYSVr3 based OS with many enhancements from BSD and Linux.

Version 6.x

More Linux- and POSIX compatibility. Some POSIX thread library functions that are only stubs in 5.x are actually working in 6.1 (e.g. some locking functions that appear to be available in 5.1 but aren't locking anything!)

Version 7.x

Adds virtualization support for AIX 5.3 environments. Built-in clustering support.