Unix Ninth Edition

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Unix V9
Nineth edition unix v9.png
First boot on TME
Type: Multitasking, multiuser
Creator: Bell Labs
Architecture: SUN-3 VAX780
This Version: v9
Date Released: 1986

A version of 9th Edition Unix was recently released by Alcatel-Lucent and is available here for download. It is not a complete distribution tape, just a tar file of a running system, made by Norman Wilson.

Actually, "released" is too strong a word. They just signed a letter saying that they won't sue for the release of v8-v10 Unix. The letter can be read here (PDF).

Notable features

Getting it to run on TME

In order to get this running I had to install SunOS 4.x onto TME, and then follow the install instructions on setting up a disk. TME emulates a SUN3-150 with a SUN3-160 ROM, and will need the unix.75 kernel


The following games are included in the v9 distribution mentioned above: