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2.9 BSD
Logging into a 2.9BSD system
Type: Multitasking, multiuser
Creator: CSRG
Architecture: PDP-11, theoretically portable
This Version: 2.9 (1983)
Date Released: 1983

2.9 BSD is a full UNIX distribution from CSRG. It is an indirect software port of 4.1 BSD; the kernel uses a complicated series of overlays to fit on a PDP-11. Unlike prior versions from BSD for the PDP-11, it does not rely on a prior V6 or V7 system installation.

How do I get this to run?!

Installation is quite slow on SIMH but there is a guide, Installing 2.9 BSD on SIMH. I'll have install tapes, and a pre-made image later.


The following games are in 2.9 BSD:

  • arithmetic
  • checkers
  • fortune
  • quiz
  • ttt
  • backgammon
  • chess
  • hangman
  • banner
  • ching
  • reversi
  • maze
  • rogue
  • bcd
  • cubic
  • moo
  • snake
  • wump
  • bj
  • festoon
  • zork

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