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The VAXserver 3500 and VAXserver 3600 are variants of the multi-user MicroVAX 3500/3600. The VAXserver 3500 and 3600 are very similar. The difference between the 3500 and 3600 is the placement of the systems: the 3500 uses the BA213 enclosure, whereas the 3600 uses the bare BA213 chassis housed in the H9644 cabinet with a similar, but modified door. Both models have the same a 12-slot backplane.

Both used the KA650 CPU. The QBUS, which both are built around, was used only for I/O; main memory used the KA650 Main Memory System, using a special bus carried on over the back connectors as well as the CD interconnect of the QBUS backplane. (The address space of the QBUS was limited to 4MB, and the data section is only 16 bits wide.)

Documentation error

The MicroVAX 3600 VAXserver 3600/3602 Technical Information manual incorrectly says that both the 3500 and 3600 used the BA213 enclosure. (The MicroVAX 3600 VAXserver 3600/3602 Operation manual correctly states that the 3600 in the H9644 cabinet.)

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