VAX 4000 Model 600A

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VAX 4000 Model 600A
Announcement date: 7 July 1992
FRS date: 24 April 1992
Codename: Omega-F
Descriptive name: VAX 4000 Model 600A
OS support (VMS): V5.5
OS support (MDM): Release 139
CPU Details
CPU name (VMS): KA690
CPU name (console): KA690
CPU module: KA690
Module: L4002-AA [2]
Number of processors: 1
CPU chip: NVAX (DC246) [2]
CPU technology: CMOS-4
CPU cycle time: 12ns
CPU clock: 83.3MHz
Instruction-buffer: 16 bytes
Translation-buffer: 96 entries
Cache: 2KB VIC [3]
Primary cache: 8KB physical [3]
Backup cache: 512KB [3]
Compatibility mode: No
Console processor: CPU
Console device: None
Minimum memory: 64MB
Maximum memory: 512MB
Q-bus: 1 @ 3.3MB/s [3]
BUS-DSSI: 2 @ 4.0MB/s (SHAC) plus 2 @ 1.1MB/s (KFQSA - optional)
LAN support: 1 (embedded)
VUPs: 32 [4]
SPECmarks: 40.9 [4]
TPC-A: 103.0

The VAX 4000 Model 600A was one of the VAX 4000 series.


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