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VAX 4000 Model 500

The VAX 4000 series was a series of VAX minicomputer systems. They were introduced in 1990 as an upgraded alternative to the MicroVAX 3100 series. In all members, a built-in on-board Ethernet interface was provided (similar to the 3100's); disk mass storage was supported using the DSSI bus, and general I/O used a QBUS (differences to the 3100's).

Two ranges exist within the family: in the upper range, main memory was carried on quad cards which used a specialized interface to the CPU, and tower packaging was used; in the lower range, SIMM memory was used, and the system was carried in a desktop package.

The initial upper models were built around the KA650 CPU, and later the KA655 CPU and the KA660 CPU, which all used the KA650 Main Memory System. Later models were built around the KA670 CPU, which used the KA670 Main Memory System. Final models were built around the KA675 CPU, KA680 CPU, and KA690 CPU which all used the KA690 Main Memory System, finishing off with the KA691 CPU and KA694 CPU.

The initial model in the lower range, the Model 100, was built around the KA52 CPU; later models in this range used the KA53 CPU and KA54 CPU.

The models in the series were:

The VAXserver 4000 series is a related category using the same hardware base; the VAXstation 4000 series apparently shares only the name.

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