Installing UNIX Sixth Edition on Ersatz-11

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Installing Unix V6 on the Ersatz-11 simulator can be a relatively simple process, depending on whether one simply wants to be able to say one has done it, or whether one wants a usable system.

See the external links below for detailed instructions which cover a range from the simplest ('I did it') to the most complex.

Controlling actual PDP-11s

To run an actual physical PDP-11 (e.g. an LSI-11) from a simulated Unix V6 running under Ersatz-11, first see Running an LSI-11 from Unix V6; then include a line of the form:

assign tt1: com1: /mode:9600,n,8,2 /dtr:on /rts:on

in the Ersatz-11 configuration file; the DTR and RTS can probably be dispensed with, and the speed and parity will have to be adjusted for the particular interface on the PDP-11, but the 8 bit size is key.

One will want to cable the simulated PDP-11 as a DTE (DE-9S to DB-25P cables to do this are easily available on eBay, etc); one can then cable the actual PDP-11 as a DCE, or use a null modem if it is also wired as a DTE.

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