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Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation
Architecture: PDP-11
Year Introduced: 1975
Bus Architecture: QBUS




1975. With the use of LSI semiconductor technology (the LSI-11 and LSI-11/2 processor), it was a compact implementation of the -11 architecture. It was limited though, to 32KW memory, only one processor operating mode, and limited floating-point instructions. Available options: CIS, WCS, EIS/FIS.
The /03 used the new LSI bus, later known as the QBUS, and was aimed at the low-end market, as the successor of the /05. Perhaps the slowest of the -11s (one third of the 11/20's performance).

A PDP-11/03 was also used as the diagnostic and control unit for the VAX-11/780's CPU; it would bootstrap the system.