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A PDP-11/10 system
Manufacturer: Digital Equipment Corporation
Architecture: PDP-11
Year Introduced: June 1972
Word Size: 16 bit
Physical Address Size: 18 bits (only 16 bits usable)
Bus Architecture: UNIBUS

The PDP-11/10 was absolutely identical to the PDP-11/05; the only difference between the PDP-11/05 and the PDP-11/10 was the number on the front panel. The PDP-11/05 was aimed toward the OEM market, while the PDP-11/10 was intended for end-users.

Since the two kinds of machines are otherwise identical, and since the DEC engineering drawings, etc, generally show/describe the PDP-11/05, the usual practise currently is to describe all these machines as 'PDP-11/05's; see the entry for the PDP-11/05 for more technical detail on these machines.

The other PDP-11/10

Some very early DEC PDP-11 literature described something called a PDP-11/10, but that was a completely different machine: it was a PDP-11/20 with a modest amount of ROM (1 Kword) and a small amount of core RAM (128 words). It is not clear if any of these machines were ever actually sold, and, if so, how they were marked. In any event, the number was recycled for the PDP-11/05 version.


A PDP-11/10 setup

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