PDT-11 Intelligent Terminal Family

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The "PDT-11 Intelligent Terminal Family" is a series of busless variants of the PDP-11/03 computer using the LSI-11 CPU, where "PDT" stands for "Programmable Data Terminal".

It is a kind of an early personal computer or an "Intelligent Terminal" as DEC named it. Besides using a PDT-11 as a computer or simple terminal, you could even hook up three additional terminals to form a (very small) multi-user system. An adapted subset of RT-11, called "RT²/PDT" was used as the operating system.

There are three variants of the PDT-11:

  • PDT-11/110
  • PDT-11/130
  • PDT-11/150

which mainly differ in case and data storage.

PDT-11/150 model naming

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