MSV11-R memory module

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MSV11-R card

The MSV11-R (M7458) is a quad-height QBUS/PMI DRAM main memory card.

NOTE: As a PMI card, it uses the CD interconnect; it can therefore only be plugged into a Q/CD backplane. Plugging an MSV11-R card into a regular Q/Q backplane will damage the MSV11-R.

The MSV111-RA (M7358-A) holds 1 MByte when fully populated with 256K DRAM chips. The memory is arranged as 2 banks, each 16 data bits (1 PDP-11 word) wide, with 2 additional bits for parity (1 per byte). In theory, it could support being half-populated (512 Kbytes), with only one bank; there is a jumper, W1, which seems to support this configuration, but no documentation for it. It is not clear if DEC ever sold that configuration.

It is a Q22 card, and apparently supports block mode.


A single 8-position DIP switch configures the card:

  • Switches S1-S2 sets bits 21-20 of the 22-bit starting address;
  • DEC documentation asserts that switches S3-S4 must always be off; however they seem to be functional (although perhaps only for the single bank configuration), and set bits 19-18;
  • Switches S5-S8 select the CSR address.
S1 S2 Staring Address
OFF OFF 00000000 (0 MB)
OFF ON 04000000 (1 MB)
ON OFF 10000000 (2 MB)
ON ON 14000000 (3 MB)

Control Register

Each board has a single control register, which can be configured in the range 17772100-17772136.

S5 S6 S7 S8 CSR Address
ON ON ON ON 17772100
ON ON ON OFF 17772102
ON ON OFF ON 17772104
ON ON OFF OFF 17772106
ON OFF ON ON 17772110
ON OFF ON OFF 17772112
ON OFF OFF ON 17772114
ON OFF OFF OFF 17772116
OFF ON ON ON 17772120
OFF ON ON OFF 17772122
OFF ON OFF ON 17772124
OFF ON OFF OFF 17772126
OFF OFF ON ON 17772130
OFF OFF ON OFF 17772132
OFF OFF OFF ON 17772134
OFF OFF OFF OFF 17772136

Technical information

A copy of the engineering drawings for the MSV11-R has recently been discovered, in a set of PDP-11/84 engineering drawings (see link below). As described above, each board has 2 banks in the array of DRAM chips; with 256K chips, each bank is thus 512KB. The chips in each bank run across the board (when it is oriented with the chip side facing the viewer, with the metal edging holding the handles at the top). Bit 0 (value 1) of the even byte of the low bank is on the right hand edge of the top row of the array; bit 15 (value 0100000), the top bit of the odd byte, is toward the left hand side of the second row. The two parity bits are on the extreme left hand edge. The high bank is in the third and fourth rows down the board from the metal handle edge. The following 256K DRAM chips have been observed to be used: MB81256-15 (Fujitsu).

Further reading

  • MSV11-R User Guide, EK-MSV1R-UG

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