CM 1420

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CM 1420

This is a Soviet PDP-11 clone. Possibly a PDP-11/34 clone.

Actually, the very SM-1420 Elektronmashevskogo performance (because there were more Polish), see the processor with the keys and indicators, higher processor - SM5300 recorder, below the processor memory module (2 MB - it's just a miracle, so even with the cache module!), Left - "package" drives the Bulgarian performance (DP: in rsx11m or / dev / rp in Unix), they range from ESovskoy, the volume of 20,000 units 512K, ie 10 megabytes. Package replacement, very comfortable, I had a set and a set of rsx11m DEMOS-16 (UNIX), I change them as needed. Later Dima Pryanishnikov developed and made ​​an IDE controller for UNIBUS, and paketniki turned off, and instead worked some old either 40, or 80 megs of WD. By the way, rk-shnyh drives three-phase (!) Food, they have three-phase spindle motor akkurat ... The fact that the CMEA countries flogged PDP-11, supplies of which were strictly prohibited, there is a whole article PDP-11S behind the Iron Curtain, translation can be found here .

Note: The Soviet11s article is now offline, but saved in intenet archive PDP-11S behind the Iron Curtain